Reasons Not to Cancel Your Credit Cards

Money makes the world go ’round, but credit stops yours with debt. The only good things about credit cards, is to build credit when you do not have any and for emergency use – otherwise just don’t do it. Credit card companies try to entice you by introductory interest rates, low APR (Annual Percentage Rate) and no balance transfer fees. But, just as an auto loan you end up paying more in the long run. Credit Card companies are just like every other business; they are trying to make money. The way they make money, is off of you, you use the credit they have given you to buy things you normally couldn’t afford; then, you make payments to them. Well the payments you are making are not really paying off the balance you occurred – it is paying their interest rates.

That big screen television you just bought could stop working in two years and you may still be paying for it. You have probably heard it a million times over; cancel your credit cards to avoid temptation. Well, this is not a good idea, when it comes to your credit report. In the world today your credit report (credit history) and credit rating is your life’s blood. Just about anything financial is based on your credit rating and Credit-Card-Debt-250x220history. Whether you get that loan, mortgage or dare I say it, credit card is based on your credit worthiness. Have you ever been thirty days late on a payment or do you have to much credit in use? Well these things bring down your credit score, and banks look at that to see if you will actually payback what they loan you. If you are late on one payment, the credit card company can charge you a late fee and increase the APR they are charging you. (see Cafe Credit website to get more tips on how smartly use your credit card and prevent the bad credits.)

Having a lot of credit cards is not the problem; it is how much you owe on each card compared to how much the credit limit is. Let’s say you have a credit card with a $500 dollar limit, and the amount you have charged is $450, well this is going to bring your credit score down. To get your credit score higher you must have no more than thirty percent of the credit limit in use, so using our example again, you have a credit card with a $500 dollar limit, and you keep the balance below $150 dollars – your credit score should be fine. Most people do not fall in to this example, because we use what we have. Right?

There are many programs advertised to help get you out of debt, well most of these are scams. Before you sign up with one of these programs you might want to do a little research first, go to the Federal Trade Commission’s website, the Better Business Bureau website and there is this great site call Rip-off Report. Filing Bankruptcy is a last resort, so do not contemplate this idea – until you have covered all your bases. Most bad items on your credit report will follow you for seven years; well Bankruptcy follows you for ten years, so think about very carefully. And, another thing to remember is that Bankruptcy does not mean you do not have to pay your creditors back! Debt Consolidation loans are another option people consider, but most debt consolidation loans have a high APR, and once you consolidate your debt you must close all your credit card accounts. Remember, a debt consolidation loan may or may not help you, but closing all your credit cards will not help your Credit Rating.

The best way to figure out your situation is to do a little reading. First, get a copy of your credit report; you are entitled to one free credit report a year. If you have been denied credit, you can request a credit report at that time and a detailed reason why from the company that denied you. To get your free credit report there is a website called AnnualCreditReport. Second, gather the most recent copies of your credit card statements, and while you’re at it – see if you can find old ones close to the time that you received the credit cards. What you want to do is peruse your credit report for any discrepancies, check for payments made thirty days late, and if any items are old enough that they should be dropping off. An issue I have encountered is, make sure everything on your report is actually yours!

Credit reporting agencies do not check credit reports one by one, and if someone else has a similar name to yours their issues may be on your credit report. For any discrepancies or issues with your credit report, you will need to file a dispute with the credit reporting agency; this information should be included on your credit report. Next, look at the amount you owe on your credit cards, and check the APR on your credit card statements. Compare the APR on your current statement to one of your past statements, do you see any changes?

Well if you do, such as the APR as increased, inquire to your credit card company, why the change was made? And, while you are at it, ask them for a lower APR – never hurts to try. Now, find which credit card has the highest interest rate. There are several things you can do, double your payments on the credit card with the highest interest rate or find a new credit card with a lower interest rate and free balance transfers. Only consider the later if you have a good credit score, otherwise, you are going to fall into the same predicament. While trying to pay down your cards, do not use them, put the cards in your lockbox or cut them up. Keep one card in case of emergencies.

It might be hard for you to stop using your credit cards, and budgeting out enough money to make payments higher than the minimum, but it will help you in the long run. Not only by increasing your crediting rating, but reducing your debt and being able to stop worrying about money all the time. Great ways to put a dent in your debt is to use your tax refunds, stimulus rebates, pay more if you get a raise through your employer, sell items you have no use for anymore, stop smoking (hard one!), and if you can save money in any other way – put it towards your debt. I am not a financial expert; I have learned all this information on my own. The more research you do, you will be all the more capable of getting your finances in order.

Basics of SEO and Why It’s Important for Your Business

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a big buzzword when it comes to online marketing. It’s a technique used by web designers and content creators to help a website pop up faster and sooner in searches. Search engines feed off data on websites. SEO on a website provides those items that search engines are looking for to help the website be “found.”


How does this help businesses? Well, if your business’s website pops up more often than others’, you get more exposure which can lead to more sales. (you can find the best SEO agency at Gold Coast here)

SEO Basics

There is no one set of recommendations for successful SEO. It all depends on your business, its focus and the type of content it contains. However, there are some basics all businesses should follow to make SEO work.

  1. Create powerful content. If you can’t have colorful graphics and intricate animation on your site, be sure you have quality written content. This content should reflect the nature of your business and anything related to it.When potential customers perform searches using keywords that might be found on your pages, your site will get a hit and will appear on the search result list.
  2. Use correct HTML. Nothing says unprofessional than bad content. If you don’t know HTML, learn it or get someone who does. Valid HTML also gets your pages found faster throughspidering than with using just meta keywords and meta descriptions.
  3. Common keyword phrases. Good keyword phrases that are powerful, capture a pages theme and used throughout a page help push the page to popularity. Just one should do, and it should appear in the content, headline, title and link. Overdo it and the content will not be natural.
  4. Optimize your site – one page at a time. Most site developers find it easy to use common keyword phrases across different pages, to make things easier. This does not provide positive results. Have patience with SEO and focus on optimization by working on one page at a time. This makes each page an individual portal to your business.

Create a Social Media Presence

SEO on static website pages gets a boost when you engage proactively on the internet. Posting updates and specials on Facebook, tweeting interesting facts related to your business and sharing items that incite interest are all ways to lure eyes to your site.

This passively markets your business by putting the site before readers and sparking interest. All the best marketing firms are using this tactics, including law firm marketing companies. Consumers are online more than ever before, so this is the best way to capture interest, harness it and steer it towards your site.

Give SEO Some Time – Then See the Results

SEO produces profitable results over time. After exercising different SEO tactics, you need to just wait it out for some time to see your pages move up in ranking. As soon as you hit the right balance, your page will appear before prospective buyers and you will see success.

The higher your ranking on different topics, the more interest you will see as traffic will be driven in from different angles. You will expose your business to a far larger market than you could without SEO.

How to Utilize YouTube Videos to Generate Web Traffic

The social networking video site YouTube has launched hundreds of no-name wannabe’s into a new status of internet celebrity. Millions of videos are watched daily, and new videos receive thousands of views within the day it’s posted by the most popular directors. Why aren’t those videos yours and why aren’t you receiving traffic from those videos? Most webmasters don’t give YouTube a second thought when it comes to promoting their website. Why should they? It’s a video site and they don’t have video content, right? Or maybe they just don’t know anything about creating videos or how to get started with them. Think about how one or several hit videos with a watermark to your site on the video, as well as your link in the description, could bring ongoing traffic to your site a day from now, a month from now, even a year from now!

To get started, first things first. You will need a YouTube director account in order to post videos on the website. The sign up process is an easy step by step form, which is a breeze to fill out. After signing up, be sure to verify your email address with the email you provided when joining. Simple, right? Congratulations, you now have access to post videos for the entire world to see! Now, what videos are you going to upload and where are you going to find them?

The easiest way to get videos online and to be sure you aren’t breaching any copyright laws is to create them yourself. It’s not as daunting of a task as it sounds. Simply grab your digital camcorder, digital camera (most digital cameras now have video capabilities), or even your cell phone and start shooting every thing you see. Shoot videos of animals or people skateboarding, or hit a club and shoot footage of people partying. Whatever you shoot make it as interesting as you can, and remember to get the permission of the people you are recording to upload the videos on the internet. You don’t have to be a new day Steven Spielberg to do this; your intentions right now are to just get enough footage to put online.

After you have recorded ample footage of video, now is the time to create several smaller videos to upload onto the web. To do this you will need some sort of video editing software, and you can usually find software on the internet for cheap or free. If you can’t find any software for free, there are many places online that will allow you limited day trials for the full version of the software. Simply do a search on your favorite search engine for “free video editing software”. If you have windows you can also use windows movie maker which usually comes pre-installed with the windows operating system software.

So you have you have your raw uncut video footage, and your video editing software, it is now time to get to editing. If you don’t know how to use your video editing software take a day or two to learn the software on your own, or do a search for tutorials with the name of your video editing software. There is usually a function provided within the software to cut one long video into several smaller ones of a preset time length that you provide. While you are editing your videos play around with effects and transitions, and don’t forget to watermark your video with your domain name. Use the watermarking tool of your video software in order to do this.

Your next mission is to get all of the videos you just created onto YouTube in a way people will actually watch them. Log into YouTube and click on the “upload video” button while logged into the members section. When you are uploading videos pay attention to the name and description text areas. Here is where you want to provide interesting descriptions and keywords that get your video noticed. You will also want a link to your website in the description section of the video. If you want targeted traffic be sure to fill the description with keywords related to your website. If you don’t care what kind of traffic you receive fill your description with keywords of whatever is popular at the moment. This will get the users searching for the the videos with those keywords to land on your video page and possibly click your link. One of the most effective ways to rank your Youtube videos is use Videos Syndication Alpha software, you can read more about it at here.

Play around with the types of videos, length of the videos, and your description and titles to find out what works best for you. Remember, you are a new “director” on youtube so your videos may not be watched thousands of times every day. But keep in mind that the video that you upload is going to be posted on YouTube for a long while, so that one video that nets you a few visitors a day could result in thousands of visits a year. And that’s just with one video. Imagine how much traffic hundreds of videos could bring to your site.

Getting a Great Shave on a Dime Store Budget


Ahh summer, a time for sunshine and tossing hot pantyhose to the side. It’s a season for shorts, swimsuits and higher hemlines on your skirts. All this means a bit of work getting your legs summer ready, I spent a few weeks experimenting with products found at places like Walmart, Big Lots, Dollar Tree and Dollar General and have found a great way to have smooth beautiful legs without the pain of waxing or the weird chemical smell of depilatories at a great price. All it takes is a bit of prep and the same amount of time it usually takes to shave your legs. While you may not need trimmer in this situation, still if you care about your man, choose the best beard trimmer for him would be a nice gift!

Let’s start with products. I usually keep 2-3 great lotions on hand. For my sensitive skin Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion or a store brand version is my nightly go to. I also love Bath and Body Works Triple moisture body cream and their True Blue Monoi Oil Nourishing Body Lotion. While Bath and Body Works products can get a little pricey, I always buy them on sale and have found that they work well and last a long time, plus they come in some great scents. Shaving Cream is a matter of preference but I’ve found I like Pure Silk Moisturizing Shaving Cream for Women, it’s inexpensive and works very well for me. From the everything is a dollar type of store I pick up a moisturizing hair conditioner that I like the scent of, a bath puff (if I don’t have one in good shape) and microfiber facial cloths. I try to keep several of the later on hand as they’ve replaced washcloths in my house. I usually get a 10 pack of quad blade razors from Big Lots for $2 and have come to absolutely love them, but any razor you like will work great.

Time for Prep. I shave my legs every other day to prevent getting red bumps due to sensitive skin but if you shave daily you can do this part before you shave. I start in the tub and using my bath puff to start exfoliate my legs with either a mixture of my favorite body wash and a nickel sized amount of the conditioner right on the puff with my body wash or if I have it on hand Bath and Body Works Super Rich Shower Cream. After I rinse my legs I go over them again with the microfiber cloth. I leave my legs slightly damp and generously apply a daily moisturizing cream and put on pajama or yoga pants to let it really soak into my skin. If I have time before I shave I moisturize again about an hour or two before I plan to shave.

Time to shave. I personally shave while in the tub and I let myself soak a few minutes in the hot water to plump the hair. This is usually when I do my facial care routine, wash my hair and put conditioner on it so it can penetrate while I shave. I set the conditioner bottle in the hot bath water for a few minutes because I personally like it warm and have a wet wash cloth on hand to wipe the razor down after I rinse it between strokes. This seems to help get a closer cleaner shave. Mentally divide each leg into thirds, the lower leg, upper and outer thigh, and the inner and back of the thigh is my method. Starting with your lower leg apply approximately a silver dollar sized amount of the now warm conditioner to the entire area followed by your usual amount of shaving cream. Shave as usual in slow firm strokes, rinsing and cleaning the blade between each stroke. I overlap my strokes by about an 1/8th of an inch to help prevent missing any areas. Remember going slow and steady reduces the risk of nicks. Continue this way over each section of your legs. Rinse well, and pat dry before applying a good moisturizing cream. The morning or evening after I shave I like to mist my legs down lightly and apply the triple moisture lotion but that is mainly due to my skin having a tendency to get dry, I also like to use it as a way to layer scent coordinating it with the body spray I’m using that day.

What are your secrets to the perfect shave? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section.

Male Breast Cancer: What Every Man Should Know


About 2360 men will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer each year, and about 430 of them will die from the disease. This is because men are less likely to recognize symptoms, and are less likely to report breast changes to their physician. Although breast cancer is not as common in men as in women, for every man, there is a 1-in-1000 lifetime risk of getting this diagnosis.


1. A lump, hard knot, or thickening in breast, or underarm area. Check this out while you’re showering.

2. Changes in the size or shape of breast, not related to weight gain. Men, as well as women, should be aware of this.

3. Dimpling, puckering, or redness of skin on the breast. Men might shrug this off as just a rash, or allergic reaction.

4. An itchy, scaly sore or rash on the nipple. Again, something men probably wouldn’t associate with cancer.

5. Inverted (pulling in) nipple, or on other parts of breast. This isn’t normal in men or women, and should be reported to your physician.

6. Although rare in men, nipple discharge.Especially in men, this should be a red flag.

Risk Factors

Except for #4 and #6, the risks are the same for both sexes.

1. Age is the most common risk factor, with the average age of men being 65-67.

2. Inheriting the BRCA2 (BReast CAncer 2) gene mutation. It can be passed on by either parent, and a father can pass it on to either his son or daughter.

3. Having a history of breast cancer in the family.

4. Having the condition Gynecomastia, which is a condition of the breast tissue becoming enlarged due to a hormonal imbalance.

5. Being overweight; in particular, obesity.

6. Having been diagnosed with Klinefelters syndrome. This occurs when a boy is born with an extra copy of the X chromosome.

Other Risk Factors Under Study

1. Heavy alcohol use

2. Treatment of prostate cancer with certain hormone drugs

3. Larger than usual amount of estrogen

4. Diabetes

5. Exposure to large amounts of radiation during childhood

None of the above has been scientifically proven as yet; it is still being studied, but you should take these possibilities seriously if any of it pertains to you.

Treatment for male breast cancer is chemotherapy, surgery, and drug therapy, depending on type and stage.This is the exact same treatment that women receive.

If a man has a family history of breast cancer, he definitely should be checked for the BRCA2 mutation. If this is positive, it is suggested he get a mammogram around age 40, and have breast exams by his physician every 6-12 months. Cancer is cancer. Do not be embarrassed to discuss this with your health care provider if you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms. Man-up, and take care of yourself.

Miraculously Cured of Cancer

antibiotics in hand istock

Rodger Nelson and Fructuoso Solano are now completely and miraculously cured of cancer and trying to get their lives back on their normal track again.

The two men were enrolled in a program testing a new drug called ipilimumab that was expected to increase the immune system. Before beginning this cancer treatment at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, each of them suffered from very aggressive tumors, located deep in the back of the prostate, in the abdominal area.They were given few hopes , yet they were willing to fight , try anything in order to cure the cancer.

Dr Eugene Kwan, the leader of this experiment said that the study aimed to improve to some extent already known treatments for prostate cancer. He choose his candidates from people who have tried all other options available without any positive response. He admits that the results received from this experiment exceeded all his expectations, even though he had been working on the foundations of this cancer study for 10 years now and a break-trough was to be expected.

First, the patients were subjected to therapy with hormones to eliminate testosterone -who “encouraged” this version of cancer. Subsequently they received a single dose of ipilimumab, a medicine that is actually an antibody which, together with the hormonal treatment, increased and strengthened the immune system, helping it fight the incurable disease.

When the surgeons performed incisions , they made an astonishing discovery: the patients tumors have significantly reduced their size , which made it possible to easily remove the diseased parts.

The urologist Michel Blute said that he had never seen something like this in his entire career and specified that all kinds of tests will be made in order to discover how the miracle antibody really works.

Professor Kwon, on the other hand showed a lot of enthusiasm as he called it a long waited “miracle” , “the Grail” for researches in prostate cancer.

John Morning, the Executive Director of the Charity Cancer Foundation thinks is yet too soon to gloat. Even though the results from this experiment showed a dramatic reduction of cancerous tumors,the outcomes in these two patients need to be validated in further studies.

The doctors also praised the ingredients and properties of green tea, which they claim help slowing the advance of the disease in prostate cancer.

As we speak, 20 more patients are showing improvements after receiving cancer treatment at Mayo Clinic and another “inoperable” patient underwent surgery last week.

Winter Beauty Mistakes We May Be Making Without Thinking

girl in winter clothes

Face it, most of us lives busy lives. We may have kids, jobs and yes, possibly, husbands to attend to everyday. This means that little things like beauty may be low on our list of priorities. However, as that winter wind begins to howl outside, we really need to prioritize our beauty routines a bit more. If we don’t, we will end up with more than beauty mistakes, we will end up with dry skin, itchy skin and worse, yet, extra wrinkles. For these reasons and more, it is time to look at some top beauty mistakes we may be making right now:

Going To Bed With Our Makeup On

This is a no-no because our skin can’t breathe. It is also a no-no because it can clog our pores and lead to more wrinkles. Every night we must wash our face. When we don’t have time to wash our face correctly, we can settle by using those quick facial wipes.

Forgetting To Moisturize Our Face

We need to do this to stop dry skin and keep our skin well conditioned. We also need to do this to stop wrinkles from forming. All we need to do is find a rich, antioxidant filled moisturizer, preferably one that contains vitamin C and apply it every night before bed.

Not Moisturizing Our Neck

Yes, our neck gets a lot of sun just as our face does. A lot of cold air may also hit it. This means our neck, may actually be the first place that shows the sign of aging. For this reason, we should be applying that same moisturizer we are using on our face to our necks.

Taking Long Hot Showers And Baths

Yes, those hot showers and baths may feel good on a cold winter night. However, they can strip much needed oils from our bodies. Skip the hot baths and showers. Choose warm ones, instead.

Skipping The Sun Block

The sun shines throughout the year. In fact, the sun can be reflected off of surfaces like snow. For this reason, we need to keep using that sunblock and those makeup products that contain SPF protection all year long. This will protect us from skin cancer and keep us from aging quicker.

more 10 mistakes see below the video:

Forgetting To Protect One’s Hands From The Cold

One needs to wear gloves when it is cold and windy. One also needs to moisturize their hands with a good lotion to keep their hands soft and help keep dry skin from forming. Dry and chapped hands not only look bad; they can make one look older.

Not Changing Your Makeup Colors

Some women refuse to change their makeup colors. They stick to the same colors year after year and season after season. However, it is more fun and more interesting to experiment with colors. In the winter months, one should consider going a bit darker with their blushes, their eye shadows and definitely with their lipstick shades.

Not Making Time For Facial Scrubs

Facial scrubs are the best way to get rid of that dead skin on one’s face. That dead skin can not only ruin a great look, it can become itchy and irritated. In the winter months our faces are more apt to become dry and scaly without us realizing it ,due to the harsh winds and the drying effects from the many heat sources we use daily. We need to make time at least once a week to apply a good facial scrub onto our face and benefit from its exfoliating effects.

Protecting Our Lips

Our lips can become dry from our lipsticks and from the weather. Dry lips are an annoyance. Plus, they are no fun to look at or kiss. We could go out and purchase a ton of products to prevent and cure chapped lips. Yet, a savvy beauty consumer knows that she only needs to apply a small amount of old fashion Vaseline onto her lips.

Over Bronzing

The sun kissed look is great for the summer. However, once it comes winter, we all need to cut back on the bronze. The in look for summer is a bit more on the natural side, unless one wants to look like they belong on a reality show.

Yes, winter can be a challenging season when it comes to beauty. No, not all of us may look like snow bunnies. But we all can still put our best beauty foot ahead, pedicure and all, even if we have to hide it in a pair of stylish boots.

Why You Should Put Fitness First


Fitness is important. Whatever may be the shape, size and weight of your body, it should be absolutely fit and ready. A body with untainted fitness is the ultimate goal of a human being. This is not merely a philosophy but a reality. A fit body can master any task and reach any height in excellence. The old saying ‘Health is Wealth’ is not at all old, but is as true and solid as the everyday Sun. It is a treasure that we need to look after seriously and nourish properly with efficient training. The entire gain is only yours.

Normally, fitness training is needed for the general good health to lead a standard life without any physical hindrance. In essence, the common fitness training is supposed to keep you hale and hearty all the time and enables you to enjoy life in a nice manner. This ordinary training will not surely make a champion sports personality out of you.

A workout on regular basis combined with normal healthy food is enough to make the desired healthy developments in you. Such development will be obvious in your physical form including the skin and above all in the improvement of your attitude. You will definitely look younger and with the intake of real healthy diet, the muscles can be toned up also.

Let us discuss one by one. In recent time, the use of a detoxifying diet is very popular. Basically this is a nutritional routine attempted to make changes in food habits in order to detoxify the system. This novel schedule of changed food habits has been found responsible for development of general health. It helps in making the body more energetic and increases the resistance power of the body against invasion of diseases. It has also been reported to work in tuning the mental attitude of the individual and in helping digestive process of the body. Further, it has been known to be active in weight loss remedy. Coming to the core of this specialty diet program, it gives more weight to vegetables and fruits as the main source of the diet schedule. This new regimen prohibits the taking of alcohol and advocates drinking water in a large quantity. The restriction on alcohol products has not been popular at all despite their claim of safeguarding the kidney and the liver.

Regular exercise is a physical activity for keeping fitness on the whole. A routine exercise in a guided manner may be of immense value in resisting some common diseases as well as for weight loss activity. Regular and routine walking may be quite effective for people with diabetic complaints. This is further categorized into different groups depending upon the volume of activity. Stretching helps in toning up the muscles and gives them extra elastic quality whereas the running increases the quantity of stamina in a body. The other types of exercises include weight training, sprinting etc for muscle toning and shaping of them. Further weight bearing exercises are done to show muscles or body building purposes.

Finally the fight for the overweight starts with the idea of reducing body fat by exclusive exercises identified for it and so on.

Ways to Reuse Glass Jars and Bottles


We all have glass jars to deal with after all the jelly is used up or the olives are all gone, but what to do with them. I always feel bad just tossing heavy glass like this in the trash or even tossing in the recycle bin. There should be ways to reuse leftover glass jars and bottles or make them into something new. I see all those neat shapes especially short jelly jars with small handles; they can come in the most beautiful shapes and colors. So how do you reuse leftover glass jars and even bottles? (or just some wine bottle crafts ideas, you can search for such ideas on Pinterest or other DIY sites)

Turn a Large Jar into a Place to Store Your Small Hand Soaps

I have small hand soaps in the bathroom, some rose scented and other small natural soap, and a large jar with a wide mouth is an excellent safe place to store them. Make sure you keep the lid off so the soaps can breath and keep dry but I line the bottom of the jar with a small cloth or felt and sometimes throw a small piece of bread at the bottom to help keep the moisture down. But storing soaps is a good way to reuse those leftover glass jars and bottles.

Silverware Holder

When the weekdays are extremely busy, I like to keep a jar of silverware on the table at all times. This not only cuts traffic down in the kitchen but also makes a nice addition next to the napkin holder and salt and pepper shakers. To make the jar more desirable, protects the glass jar and add to the table decor, just place a pretty fabric napkin or hand towel in the jar. This alone helps the reuse leftover glass jars and bottles crusade.

Button Jar

You can make a shorter jar and even one with a smaller neck into a cute button jar. My mom had a button bottle, and she always added buttons to her collection over the years. Kids just love buttons and they are mesmerized by the shapes, colors and feel of them. Buttons are difficult to keep hold of if you do not collect them into one area. So making a button jar helps to reuse those leftover glass jars and bottles.

Plastic Surgery….Is It Right for You?


Deciding to have plastic surgery can be a life altering decision. It is important to do your research before having any procedure done. Finding a very good board certified plastic surgeon is the most important thing you can do for yourself.

When I decided to have a cosmetic procedure done, I did my research. I wanted to know everything that there was to know about how the procedure was done, what side effects there could be, and how long it would take for me to recover from my procedure. The most important bit of research that I did for myself was finding a very good board certified plastic surgeon who had many years of experience. Having any form of plastic surgery done can be a very intimidating experience. The best thing you can do to prepare yourself is arm yourself with knowledge. Researching on the internet is one great way to find out a plethora of information and can be helpful in finding a doctor to fit your needs. Finally I went to a famous Rhinoplasty Las Vegas hospital and gave my nose a minor surgery, till now 3 years passed and nothing goes wrong with it, I was fully satisfied with this experience and thank myself for the home work before going this routine.

The internet offers unlimited resources on the subject of plastic surgery. You can research the American Board of Plastic Surgery online through their official web page. Most board certified plastic surgeons will even have their own homepage where you can learn about their credentials and even view samples of their work. Most pages will include before and after shots of some of their patients. This is a great way to see if you like the results that their patients obtained. It is important to view as many sample photos as possible pertaining specifically to what type of procedure you are considering having done.

Make sure you research the American Board of Plastic Surgeons homepage. This is an informational site that can give you information regarding what type of surgeon is best for you and what to be aware of as far as what risks may be involved with any procedure.

Another very important thing to remember is that some plastic surgeons specialize on certain types of procedures. Most sites will even state in their headlines what type of procedure is their specialty. When choosing a doctor you should always go with a doctor who specializes in the type of procedure you are wanting have done.

Plastic surgery isn’t for everyone. But with the advancement of medicine and technology we can make that choice for ourselves. Plastic surgery has come a very long way and choosing whether or not it is right for you is a much easier decision than it sued to be. We have unlimited resources and many skilled board certified plastic surgeons to choose from.