Male Breast Cancer: What Every Man Should Know


About 2360 men will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer each year, and about 430 of them will die from the disease. This is because men are less likely to recognize symptoms, and are less likely to report breast changes to their physician. Although breast cancer is not as common in men as in women, for every man, there is a 1-in-1000 lifetime risk of getting this diagnosis.


1. A lump, hard knot, or thickening in breast, or underarm area. Check this out while you’re showering.

2. Changes in the size or shape of breast, not related to weight gain. Men, as well as women, should be aware of this.

3. Dimpling, puckering, or redness of skin on the breast. Men might shrug this off as just a rash, or allergic reaction.

4. An itchy, scaly sore or rash on the nipple. Again, something men probably wouldn’t associate with cancer.

5. Inverted (pulling in) nipple, or on other parts of breast. This isn’t normal in men or women, and should be reported to your physician.

6. Although rare in men, nipple discharge.Especially in men, this should be a red flag.

Risk Factors

Except for #4 and #6, the risks are the same for both sexes.

1. Age is the most common risk factor, with the average age of men being 65-67.

2. Inheriting the BRCA2 (BReast CAncer 2) gene mutation. It can be passed on by either parent, and a father can pass it on to either his son or daughter.

3. Having a history of breast cancer in the family.

4. Having the condition Gynecomastia, which is a condition of the breast tissue becoming enlarged due to a hormonal imbalance.

5. Being overweight; in particular, obesity.

6. Having been diagnosed with Klinefelters syndrome. This occurs when a boy is born with an extra copy of the X chromosome.

Other Risk Factors Under Study

1. Heavy alcohol use

2. Treatment of prostate cancer with certain hormone drugs

3. Larger than usual amount of estrogen

4. Diabetes

5. Exposure to large amounts of radiation during childhood

None of the above has been scientifically proven as yet; it is still being studied, but you should take these possibilities seriously if any of it pertains to you.

Treatment for male breast cancer is chemotherapy, surgery, and drug therapy, depending on type and stage.This is the exact same treatment that women receive.

If a man has a family history of breast cancer, he definitely should be checked for the BRCA2 mutation. If this is positive, it is suggested he get a mammogram around age 40, and have breast exams by his physician every 6-12 months. Cancer is cancer. Do not be embarrassed to discuss this with your health care provider if you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms. Man-up, and take care of yourself.

Miraculously Cured of Cancer

antibiotics in hand istock

Rodger Nelson and Fructuoso Solano are now completely and miraculously cured of cancer and trying to get their lives back on their normal track again.

The two men were enrolled in a program testing a new drug called ipilimumab that was expected to increase the immune system. Before beginning this cancer treatment at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, each of them suffered from very aggressive tumors, located deep in the back of the prostate, in the abdominal area.They were given few hopes , yet they were willing to fight , try anything in order to cure the cancer.

Dr Eugene Kwan, the leader of this experiment said that the study aimed to improve to some extent already known treatments for prostate cancer. He choose his candidates from people who have tried all other options available without any positive response. He admits that the results received from this experiment exceeded all his expectations, even though he had been working on the foundations of this cancer study for 10 years now and a break-trough was to be expected.

First, the patients were subjected to therapy with hormones to eliminate testosterone -who “encouraged” this version of cancer. Subsequently they received a single dose of ipilimumab, a medicine that is actually an antibody which, together with the hormonal treatment, increased and strengthened the immune system, helping it fight the incurable disease.

When the surgeons performed incisions , they made an astonishing discovery: the patients tumors have significantly reduced their size , which made it possible to easily remove the diseased parts.

The urologist Michel Blute said that he had never seen something like this in his entire career and specified that all kinds of tests will be made in order to discover how the miracle antibody really works.

Professor Kwon, on the other hand showed a lot of enthusiasm as he called it a long waited “miracle” , “the Grail” for researches in prostate cancer.

John Morning, the Executive Director of the Charity Cancer Foundation thinks is yet too soon to gloat. Even though the results from this experiment showed a dramatic reduction of cancerous tumors,the outcomes in these two patients need to be validated in further studies.

The doctors also praised the ingredients and properties of green tea, which they claim help slowing the advance of the disease in prostate cancer.

As we speak, 20 more patients are showing improvements after receiving cancer treatment at Mayo Clinic and another “inoperable” patient underwent surgery last week.

Winter Beauty Mistakes We May Be Making Without Thinking

girl in winter clothes

Face it, most of us lives busy lives. We may have kids, jobs and yes, possibly, husbands to attend to everyday. This means that little things like beauty may be low on our list of priorities. However, as that winter wind begins to howl outside, we really need to prioritize our beauty routines a bit more. If we don’t, we will end up with more than beauty mistakes, we will end up with dry skin, itchy skin and worse, yet, extra wrinkles. For these reasons and more, it is time to look at some top beauty mistakes we may be making right now:

Going To Bed With Our Makeup On

This is a no-no because our skin can’t breathe. It is also a no-no because it can clog our pores and lead to more wrinkles. Every night we must wash our face. When we don’t have time to wash our face correctly, we can settle by using those quick facial wipes.

Forgetting To Moisturize Our Face

We need to do this to stop dry skin and keep our skin well conditioned. We also need to do this to stop wrinkles from forming. All we need to do is find a rich, antioxidant filled moisturizer, preferably one that contains vitamin C and apply it every night before bed.

Not Moisturizing Our Neck

Yes, our neck gets a lot of sun just as our face does. A lot of cold air may also hit it. This means our neck, may actually be the first place that shows the sign of aging. For this reason, we should be applying that same moisturizer we are using on our face to our necks.

Taking Long Hot Showers And Baths

Yes, those hot showers and baths may feel good on a cold winter night. However, they can strip much needed oils from our bodies. Skip the hot baths and showers. Choose warm ones, instead.

Skipping The Sun Block

The sun shines throughout the year. In fact, the sun can be reflected off of surfaces like snow. For this reason, we need to keep using that sunblock and those makeup products that contain SPF protection all year long. This will protect us from skin cancer and keep us from aging quicker.

more 10 mistakes see below the video:

Forgetting To Protect One’s Hands From The Cold

One needs to wear gloves when it is cold and windy. One also needs to moisturize their hands with a good lotion to keep their hands soft and help keep dry skin from forming. Dry and chapped hands not only look bad; they can make one look older.

Not Changing Your Makeup Colors

Some women refuse to change their makeup colors. They stick to the same colors year after year and season after season. However, it is more fun and more interesting to experiment with colors. In the winter months, one should consider going a bit darker with their blushes, their eye shadows and definitely with their lipstick shades.

Not Making Time For Facial Scrubs

Facial scrubs are the best way to get rid of that dead skin on one’s face. That dead skin can not only ruin a great look, it can become itchy and irritated. In the winter months our faces are more apt to become dry and scaly without us realizing it ,due to the harsh winds and the drying effects from the many heat sources we use daily. We need to make time at least once a week to apply a good facial scrub onto our face and benefit from its exfoliating effects.

Protecting Our Lips

Our lips can become dry from our lipsticks and from the weather. Dry lips are an annoyance. Plus, they are no fun to look at or kiss. We could go out and purchase a ton of products to prevent and cure chapped lips. Yet, a savvy beauty consumer knows that she only needs to apply a small amount of old fashion Vaseline onto her lips.

Over Bronzing

The sun kissed look is great for the summer. However, once it comes winter, we all need to cut back on the bronze. The in look for summer is a bit more on the natural side, unless one wants to look like they belong on a reality show.

Yes, winter can be a challenging season when it comes to beauty. No, not all of us may look like snow bunnies. But we all can still put our best beauty foot ahead, pedicure and all, even if we have to hide it in a pair of stylish boots.

Why You Should Put Fitness First


Fitness is important. Whatever may be the shape, size and weight of your body, it should be absolutely fit and ready. A body with untainted fitness is the ultimate goal of a human being. This is not merely a philosophy but a reality. A fit body can master any task and reach any height in excellence. The old saying ‘Health is Wealth’ is not at all old, but is as true and solid as the everyday Sun. It is a treasure that we need to look after seriously and nourish properly with efficient training. The entire gain is only yours.

Normally, fitness training is needed for the general good health to lead a standard life without any physical hindrance. In essence, the common fitness training is supposed to keep you hale and hearty all the time and enables you to enjoy life in a nice manner. This ordinary training will not surely make a champion sports personality out of you.

A workout on regular basis combined with normal healthy food is enough to make the desired healthy developments in you. Such development will be obvious in your physical form including the skin and above all in the improvement of your attitude. You will definitely look younger and with the intake of real healthy diet, the muscles can be toned up also.

Let us discuss one by one. In recent time, the use of a detoxifying diet is very popular. Basically this is a nutritional routine attempted to make changes in food habits in order to detoxify the system. This novel schedule of changed food habits has been found responsible for development of general health. It helps in making the body more energetic and increases the resistance power of the body against invasion of diseases. It has also been reported to work in tuning the mental attitude of the individual and in helping digestive process of the body. Further, it has been known to be active in weight loss remedy. Coming to the core of this specialty diet program, it gives more weight to vegetables and fruits as the main source of the diet schedule. This new regimen prohibits the taking of alcohol and advocates drinking water in a large quantity. The restriction on alcohol products has not been popular at all despite their claim of safeguarding the kidney and the liver.

Regular exercise is a physical activity for keeping fitness on the whole. A routine exercise in a guided manner may be of immense value in resisting some common diseases as well as for weight loss activity. Regular and routine walking may be quite effective for people with diabetic complaints. This is further categorized into different groups depending upon the volume of activity. Stretching helps in toning up the muscles and gives them extra elastic quality whereas the running increases the quantity of stamina in a body. The other types of exercises include weight training, sprinting etc for muscle toning and shaping of them. Further weight bearing exercises are done to show muscles or body building purposes.

Finally the fight for the overweight starts with the idea of reducing body fat by exclusive exercises identified for it and so on.

Wearing White: The Beauty of Fashion Freedom


Wearing White is again a growing trend as the warm months approach us. Its light romance and airy versatility add to its reputation as a timeless classic and useful wardrobe staple. This spring and summer is the perfect time to slip on something white and stay as cool as you look!

Now’s the Time to Shop and Stock

With the abundance of summer’s light-colored garments hitting the racks, it’s a great time to add a bit more white to your wardrobe. A white sun-dress is a beautiful choice for a casual day at the beach. And any evening spent in white is a surefire way to keep you looking ultra glamorous. It is the perfect warm-weather color – offering a look that’s pretty and elegant and a feel that’s both cool and comfortable.

The Versatility of White: Playful or Alluring

Wearing white has historically signified purity and innocence for different cultures during religious ceremonies and events. Tailor this tradition with an empire waistline and a cute floral headband to display your playful personality. Bring out your inner youth with sweet silhouettes and lightweight fabrics.
Or take the opposite approach and choose a form-fitting material and a plunging neckline. Long flowing layers and strapless bodices modernize the look and add a sense of allure. Wearing white gives you the freedom to choose from a wide range of styles and expressions — symbolizing the pleasure of a fresh start.

Guidelines While Donning White

The trick with wearing white is to follow a few guidelines and break a few outdated rules. Throw out the old-school rules and dates about wearing white shoes or matching belts. But keep in mind that wearing white as a guest to any wedding is a big NO-NO.

Also, white clothing can be very transparent and revealing in certain lighting or when wet. Check yourself out before leaving the house and wear appropriate layers under your clothes to prevent embarrassing fashion faux pas. Be extra careful about spilling at parties and opt for clear-colored beverages when possible.

Accessorize: The Perfect Palette to Go Bold

To spice up the sometimes-bland hue of plain white, consider wearing a contrasting belt or oversized jewelry. Choose handbags, wallets or shoes in bright bold colors and don’t be afraid to go for different textures. Read about these Five Ways to Add Instant Glamour to Any Outfit in one of my latest articles!

White is not only a classic color, but also a blank canvas for accessories that might be considered “too much” with other patterned outfits. Wearing white offers the opportunity to don that statement necklace of flower in your hair. If you’d like to do something special with your hair, take a look at my article on Hair Accessories. When preparing to go out in white, don’t be afraid to let your accessories shine.

Color Classics: Black & White

If you think white is only for brides or festivals, consider black and white for another timeless look. White always looks great when complimented by its opposite hue and any store is sure to have lots of choices. From subtle black accents to bold geometric patterns, this classic color combo is a great way to incorporate more white into your wardrobe without feeling simple or stark.

With so many ways to wear white, it’s important to put your own unique twist on this fail-proof wardrobe selection. Whatever the occasion, white can accommodate all styles — giving you the freedom to decide what look is right for you.

Which Fitness Category Are You In?


Summer is here and it’s time to start thinking about getting outside. There are many activities residents can do and enjoy whether you live on the beach or in the mountains. Here are things to consider before you start a routine.

If you were to walk into the average health club today, you would probably encounter a “microcosm” of the U.S. People who visit health clubs are not just young and in shape but truly come from all walks of life.

People used to exercise primarily to lose weight and get in shape, but today, more and more people visit health clubs to promote their psychological well-being.

Regular exercisers say that exercise has a very positive impact on overall mental energy, stress levels and physical energy. A recent Roper Starch survey, commissioned by the International Health, Racquet & Sports club Association, found that people who exercise fit into one of six categories:

* Social Competitors
Twenty percent prefer competitive to solitary fitness activities. They exercise for fun and camaraderie, and find it difficult to exercise alone. Moreover, they would definitely exercise more if only they had the time.

* Abracadabras
Fourteen percent tend to be out of shape and have no desire to exercise. They have trouble getting into a routine and “hate” exercising. If they do exercise, it is primarily to lose weight and they would take a “magic pill” if it meant they could slim down without exercise.

* Balanced Holistics
Thirteen percent take a balanced approach to exercise and are more likely to be in good shape and exercise regularly. For them, exercising is a time to “get centered.” When they don’t exercise, they don’t feel “right.”

* Sitcom Skeptics
Thirteen percent pride themselves in “not falling for the fitness craze” and say that people who exercise all the time are “too obsessed” with themselves. They believe that good diet and exercise are not really necessary.

* Woulda-Shoulda’s
Twelve percent tend to be out of shape (and are self-conscious about it). They exercise less than the general public, but not because they hate exercising. Rather, they say, they are undisciplined and find it hard to get into an exercise routine.

* Conscientious Preventors
Eight percent stay fit to help a medical condition or to prevent health problems. They also tend to be in good shape and exercise regularly.

About one in five Americans do not fit easily into any of these groups. They are known as the Unresolved Undecideds. As you can see, there’s a place for everyone. So determine where you fall and start a routine that is comfortable for you.

Using MyFitnessPal to Make Lasting Lifestyle Changes

In high school I was consistently the same weight — a perfectly average teenager with overall good health. I was relatively active and poor eating habits had not caught up with me — yet. It was when I went to college, started internships, got married, and began my career that these habits became a lifestyle, and I quickly gained weight and lost self-confidence. I was tired and sluggish and the very idea of going to the gym was an absolute chore.

This past year after dealing with major medical issues unrelated to weight or diet, I decided I needed to make a change. With the use of the popular smartphone application “MyFitnessPal” I was able to set goals for myself and track calorie intake and activity throughout the day. The app is simply a tracker. It gives advice and analyzes what you’re eating and doing to give you feedback, but it is that feedback that helps you to make more conscious decisions about what you eat and how you spend your time throughout the day. These reminders help to motivate you to keep up the good work and the daily reminders of how much you could weigh in five weeks if you stick to your routine allow you to remember that progress is slow but you can achieve your goals.


I have personally lost 10 pounds in one month with the help of MyFitnessPal. I set a goal for myself to make better food choices, stock up on items that I enjoy eating but also have health benefits, and make an effort to be more active in my everyday life. I am not a gym rat. I try to get to the gym for a concrete workout about 4 days per week- some of those days are spent doing cardio-based machines and some are spent in group fitness classes- my favorite being Yoga, as it helps me relax and feel more in tune with my body. I also attend charity walks/runs with friends- the friends and the cause keep me motivated and the exercise is just a bonus.

I look forward to continuing on this path and seeing those 10 pounds lost become much, much more, in a way that I can maintain. This isn’t a fad diet — this is my life — and I want to make changes I can enjoy.

Many Moles? Get Melanoma Cancer Screening: Digital Dermoscopy


Having many moles is a risk factor for melanoma, a very lethal form of skin cancer. If you have many moles, especially on your back, it can be maddening keeping track of them, not to mention struggling to get a close look at the ones on your back. A change in a mole can be a sign of melanoma. Melanoma can also arise from a non-pigmented area of skin.

People with many moles can get their moles “mapped” by state-of-the-art technology, that tracks skin lesions and can detect melanoma skin cancer in its earliest stages — far earlier than conventional detection methods.

About 75 percent of dermatologists in the U.S. rely on only their naked eye for detecting suspicious moles. The remaining quarter of dermatologists use a handheld dermoscope that magnifies skin pigments and thus heightens recognition of suspicious moles. I consulted with Richard Bezozo, MD and president of MoleSafe USA.

MoleSafe USA is a life-long program that people with many moles can benefit from, because it offers the most advanced melanoma detection technology. This computer software-based program and the consultation by a world class dermatologist simply makes the conventional naked eye inspections, and even the handheld dermoscope inspections, a clear second choice.

MoleSafe utilizes serial digital dermoscopy: keeping track of moles over time to detect the most subtle changes that can indicate melanoma. These changes cannot be detected by the naked eye or a handheld dermoscope without some form of digital record. The key is keeping track — serial dermoscopy — a series of images over time that are examined by highly trained dermatologists/dermoscopists.

Dr. Bezozo explains: “Physicians who use a handheld dermatoscope are able to make a diagnosis of a mole at that time. Recent articles have indicated that it is serial dermoscopy that enhances the early detection of melanoma. So, if a physician can remember what your moles looked like under a dermatoscope, and are a qualified dermoscopist, and can remember where all your moles were a year before during your next examination, then they would be equivalent to the MoleSafe program. As you know, no doctor can remember your moles a second after they look at them.”

The MoleSafe process combines high magnification (very high resolution) and high light intensity to illuminate sub-surface features and vascular networks of pigmented lesions (moles).

Serial digital dermoscopy can eliminate the need for a person with many moles to get up close and personal with every mole and to struggle to keep track to see if there are any changes: a daunting task if many moles are located on the person’s back. And even when moles are located in easy-to-examine locations, the patient’s naked eye cannot see what serial digital dermoscopy can “see.”

The MoleSafe program includes a thorough initial skin evaluation. Most every mole (save for those on the scalp or genital area) is recorded via digital dermoscopy, and the images are encrypted and archived in the program’s computer database to create a baseline, which includes analysis by an expert dermatologist to see if any of the initially imaged moles appear suspicious. Subsequent images at future exams are then compared by the expert dermatologist to the baseline images for any changes in the moles.

MoleSafe’s dermatologists/dermoscopists have a minimum of 13 years’ training in digital dermoscopy, and they analyze the images of moles for any questionable signs.

Dr. Bezozo explains, “There is no other program like this in the world. MoleSafe is the only early detection and surveillance program currently available. The MoleSafe program includes a comprehensive history, total body photography, total body dermoscopy, education about their skin and skin cancer, a report from a qualified dermatologist and a CD so that a patient can perform home skin checks. The report that is generated is provided to both the patient and their physicians.”

If a person annually gets a MoleSafe exam (assume at time of first exam, nothing unusual is found), is it safe to conclude that this person will never experience melanoma that’s diagnosed beyond a very early stage? Dr. Bezozo explains, “There are four types of melanoma. Nodular melanoma (about 15% of diagnosed cases) is the most aggressive type of melanoma. It tends to grow more rapidly in thickness than in diameter. So, a nodular melanoma can develop in the course of a year. Therefore, it is possible for a patient to undergo the MoleSafe program and still be diagnosed with an invasive melanoma. This is why education is a big part of the MoleSafe program. Patients are taught about skin cancer and what to look for.”

Dr. Bezozo says that most patients at high risk for melanoma should undergo MoleSafe’s program yearly, though some may be seen more frequently, and those with low melanoma risk less frequently.

The MoleSafe program is now offered at four major U.S. hospitals. The web site includes several other locations as well, plus a very detailed explanation of every step of the program and what patients can expect.

People with many moles can now experience some peace of mind, knowing that cutting edge technology exists for snaring melanoma in its earliest stages, far earlier than what even a dermatologist with a handheld dermoscope can detect.

The Pros of Converting to Digital from a Business Operations Perspective

Young adult using a smart phone

I attended a screening of the film “Side By Side” which documents the very heated topic of the film industry’s digital conversion. In it, a number of mainstream directors such as Robert Rodriguez, George Lucas and James Cameron discuss the advantages of digital. Their takeaways include real time re-shooting as opposed to filming then reviewing in a screening room. Instant playback with digital recording saves production time and improves work creativity on set. DI Colorists can manipulate color saturation in very specific areas of scenes. Production crews benefit from not having to transport film to remote locations. So the creatives benefit, but so does production on set. As a former film festival organizer I see a huge advantage to converting to digital.

Let’s say you’re a filmmaker in Spain with one original copy of your 35mm film–in just a metal canister to protect it during its transport to the United States. This one thinner than cardboard can holds your life’s work, maybe your first film; maybe your Oscar contender worthy film and you have no choice but to ship that one piece of your life internationally, not 100% sure the plane won’t crash in the ocean or catch fire or who knows–hit a mountain. Your work may be lost forever.

Another scenario: You’re the organizer of a festival in charge of budgets. You have films coming in from five Latin American and European countries like Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile or Spain. Shipment isn’t just costly but it’s risky so you have to spend on the shipment of large film canisters and secure insurance charges of 50 films (worst case scenario, but still). What if the plane goes down, what if the can is mishandled and let’s not mention the stress involved in the process. I’m exaggerating a little of course, but you get the point. Shipping a DVD instead is a much more secure, cost efficient and stress-free transaction for the organizer.

Screeners, the film previews, can and are being viewed online a lot now. During my last year atCine+Mas I scouted a Chilean film by Nicolas Lopez titled “Que Pena Tu Vida” on Twitter of all places and asked the filmmaker to send a copy for consideration. He was super ahead of the game–sending me a link to the screener online. This might sound old school now but an entire seventeen months ago this seemed completely revolutionary. Just like a lot of technology, I mean we were barley introduced to the luxury of facetime on our iPhones way back then, remember?? It’s not that long ago, but so much has been upgraded in digital distribution since then. You can imagine how much more efficient the programming process is with this nifty upgrade. There is zero wait time to consider courting a filmmaker.

Day to day operations during the actual festival benefit immensely as well. Lugging around film canisters takes man power and skilled projectionists, which becomes a non-issue with feather-light, user-friendly DVDs. The new industry standard consolidates three parts of the budget. Costs for shipping/insurance, day-of transportation and projection–all almost eliminated–which is especially important for many non-profit film festivals that increasingly run the risk of closing their doors.

According to this LA Weekly article, the studios are helping finance the conversion of multi-screen theater houses but smaller theaters are in danger of not weathering the switch. Yes, improving technology is disruptive and it’s a shame. A ton of video stores didn’t survive the VHS/DVD conversion in the early 90s, like my very own family owned video store, but the smaller film houses can survive by becoming awesome repertory theaters! Cinespia for example makes a killing every summer at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, screening classic film. With the right programming and event planning, small theater houses can give 35mm classics a second life.

Ultimately, digital is a step forward. Sure the pixel capture doesn’t quite emulate film grain texture but this is constantly improving like all software technology does. Companies like Sony and Canon make a fortune off of it getting better every year. Cameron and Lucas touched on that fact in the film, so did Rodney Charters during the Q&A panel. It will all eventually improve as technology always does.

The Green Way to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

This holiday season don’t decorate your Christmas tree the same way you always do: try something different! The “green” movement is a foot, so why not incorporate it into your tree decorations this year. If you haven’t heard of “going green” yet then you need not worry, because it is never too late for you to start. “Going green” means that you are making decisions to reduce the amount of harm you are cause on the environment, like recycling, using less electricity, car pooling, etc. Decorating your tree the “green” way can be very fun while at the same time doing your part to help the earth.

The first thing you are going to need for your tree are some new lights. This year you are going to forgo your traditional incandescent tree lights (because most likely they are dead and you were going to have to get new ones anyway) for some new LED lights. LED (light emitting diode) lights do not have same filament that traditional bulbs have. The diode is a chip, similar to one in a computer, that converts electricity to light as a by product of heat energy. LED lights may be a bit pricey in the beginning, but they will save you money in the long run. They have a longer lifespan than traditional lights and only use a fraction of the electricity that your old lights did. You might be able to find them locally at your Ace Hardware store, but it varies from store to store. I recommend purchasing a white LED light set and a multi-color LED set. It will really give your Christmas tree a whole new life. A string of lights will cost between $20-$25 for 25′ and they come in various shapes and sizes. A strand of 25′ multi-color lights will cost you about $17. This may sound like a lot, but over the years to come you won’t have to keep replacing lights.

If you are in the market for some inexpensive garland then go check out your local craft store for some wide, holiday themed ribbon. You can buy a few spools for less than $10 and the great this is you can use the ribbon year after year. When you decide you don’t want to use the ribbon anymore you can use it to wrap gifts instead of throwing it away.

Now it is time to decorate your tree. A good idea is to re-use your old decorations. You can still keep some of your old family traditions and incorporate them in to your new look. If you want new decorations then you should try making them. This is a great family bonding experience and you can make any ornament you want; all you need is a cookie cutter.

I hope I have given you some ideas for tree decorating this Christmas. You don’t have to do all of them at once, but if you are going to start somewhere then you should definitely go with the LED lights. Remember any little thing you can do to go “green” is great so good luck on decorating your tree. Merry Christmas!